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Honda Knows How to Go Green

When we here at Germain Honda of Naples say that the Big H takes its green initiatives seriously, we mean it. The Japanese automaker is dedicated to ensuring that the environmental impact from their vehicles is felt as lightly as possible, and to prove it they feature ten models out of twelve that carry either a ULEV (Ultra-Low-Emission Vehicle), PZEV (Partial-Zero-Emission Vehicle), or AT-PZEV (Advanced Technology Partial-Zero-Emission Vehicle) sticker. That's right, ten out of twelve!

Of course, we know that we're a little Honda biased around here, which is why we would like to direct your attention to the Carbon Disclosure Project. It is an independent non-profit, which operates with the goal of informing people around the world of the carbon footprint that companies leave. In publishing their 2011 Global 500 Report, the non-profit included two telling indexes related to CO2 goverPZEnance.

The first is the Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index (CDLI) and the second is the Carbon Performance Leadership Index (CPLI). Various companies around the world were rated in each index, including Honda. So, how did they do? Let's find out!

First, the CDLI is an index that pays very close attention to the strategies that companies employ within their jurisdictions in regards to the disclosure of information on climate impact. There were only 52 companies featured in the index in total, and they ranged from automotive to, well, just about any other industry. As for Honda? They ranked highest among all leading Japanese companies.

The CPLI, on the other hand, is a more exclusive index, featuring only 29 companies, including Honda. But, once again, the Big H shone brightly against the competition, proving that for them green is more than just a color.

Honda may be leading the pack in terms of green initiatives, but they know there is a long road ahead, as they continue to strive to be leaders in the realm of green manufacturing. "In June, this year, Honda announced the Honda Environmental Vision: Realizing 'the Joy and Freedom of Mobility' and 'a Sustainable Society where People Can Enjoy Life'," Honda explained in the release." Toward the realization of this vision, Honda also introduced a global environmental slogan - 'Blue Skies for Our Children'. Honda will continue its company-wide efforts to realize it environmental vision."1

If you would like to explore the wide range of environmentally friendly new Honda models that we carry, then make sure to browse our online inventory and showroom pages. Once there, you'll be able to access a wide range of info concerning specific models, such as the Honda Odyssey and Honda Civic. Add on to that, the fact that you can also calculate financing and consider how to best keep your vehicle well maintained with the help of our dedicated Honda parts and Honda service departments, and it becomes clear that we're dedicated to keeping you both informed and satisfied.

Of course, if you'd really just like to get a more hands-on feel for your next ride, then make sure to schedule a test drive with us today. Test drives can be arranged at 3707 Davis Blvd Naples, FL 34104 by either dialing (877) 813-2502 or by submitting a contact form online.

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