Honda Leasing Benefits

The Advantages of Leasing a Honda at Germain Honda of Naples

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Each day, thousands of car shoppers struggle over the decision to buy or lease a car. But there’s a common misconception that one is better than the other. In reality, the choice to purchase or lease is very much dependent on your budget, personality, and lifestyle.

At Germain Honda of Naples, we ensure our shoppers are informed and equipped to make the right decision when it comes to a Honda lease or purchase. We provide insight into all available Honda lease deals, incentives, and financing options, allowing you to pick and choose the very best vehicle for your individual situation.

To prepare for your visit to our Honda dealership in Naples, take a look at the Honda leasing plans and benefits outlined below, and trust in Germain Honda of Naples to point you toward your ideal new Honda.

Love It or Leave It Plan Benefits

Although leasing isn’t for everyone, it is for those who want:

  • Automatic GAP Coverage
  • Excess Wear & Use Waivers ($500)
  • Exclusive Germain Lifetime Warranty
  • Shorter Leasing Terms (24 months)
  • One-Payment Leasing Program
  • Tax Incentives
  • No Resale Risk
  • Guaranteed Future Purchase Pricing
  • No Obligations
  • End-of-Term Purchasing Options
  • Maintenance & Service Expenses
  • Fixed Predetermined Payments
  • Roadside Assistance (including towing, fuel delivery, and emergency tire services)
  • Peace of Mind

More Information About Our Honda Lease Benefits

  • Guaranteed Purchase Price – When your Honda lease contract is signed, you’ll be given the lease-end purchase price. This is set in stone and only subject to change if you tack on excess mileage, wear, or tear.
  • No Lease-End Hassles – At the end of your Honda lease, you’ll have three options:
  • Buy – You can opt to finance or buy the leased Honda for its guaranteed purchase price, allowing you keep all future sales profits.
  • Walk Away – You have no obligation to re-lease or purchase another Honda.
  • Lease – You can lease a Honda once again.
  • Drive New Every Two Years – Compared to the typical five-year financing terms, a Honda lease gives you the flexibility to drive a new vehicle every two years, which ultimately saves you money on maintenance and repairs.
  • GAP Coverage – Guaranteed Asset Protection, or GAP, covers the difference between your insurance payment and the lease-end payoff amount in the event your Honda is totaled or stolen. You are only responsible for paying unpaid fees and your insurance deductible.
  • One-Payment Leasing – You can pay any or all monthly Honda lease payments at a discounted rate. Paying in full gives you the option to purchase the vehicle at any time during the lease terms.
  • Preferred Payment Plans – This complimentary plan allows you to deduct monthly payments from your checking account automatically.

10 Reasons Our Love It or Leave It Plan is for Two Years

  1. All makes and models depreciate. On average, a new car is worth half of the vehicle’s sticker price after its first two years.
  2. During those two years (or from 0 to 30k miles), cars carry little risk of mechanical failure. Typically, all that’s necessary are routine maintenance and oil changes.
  3. After two years (between 30- and 60,000 miles), you might have to invest time and money into new tires, brakes, engine work, etc.
  4. Most interest on auto loans is collected by banks within the first two years of the contract, making leasing more affordable in this timespan.
  5. Surveys show that people enjoy having a new vehicle more frequently, but aren’t always able to trade up.
  6. Late-model vehicles are in short supply, so its demand in the used car market brings excellent resale value.
  7. A two-year-old used vehicle is easier to finance, worth more, and likely hasn’t had any major work done.
  8. Our Honda “Planned Trade Cycle” allows you to lease two new Honda vehicles in this two-year plan.
  9. The “real cost” of a vehicle is the sale price minus its resale price, and that difference is the actual cost of driving.
  10. Combining vehicle packages and our Planned Trade Cycles, we offer the Lowest Cost of Driving so our customers can re-experience the “joy of new.”

Understanding Honda Leasing Terms

Capitalized Cost – A vehicle’s selling price.
New Capitalized Cost – The financed balance.
Capitalized Cost Reduction – A vehicle’s selling price after down payment, incentives/offers, and trade-in costs.
Lease End Residual – A vehicle’s guaranteed future purchase price.
Lease Charges – The cost of leasing a Honda, not including interest rates.

Make the Right Choice at Germain Honda of Naples

No matter your decision to buy or lease a Honda, you won’t be disappointed with our selection, prices, and financing options. Count on our expert financing team to keep you in the loop throughout the loan or leasing process, and we’ll ensure you’re making the most out of your new Honda.

Start by applying for pre-approval online and browsing through our selection of new Honda cars, trucks, minivans, and crossovers. When you’re ready to make the final decision to lease or buy, call us at (239) 301-3157 or visit our dealership at 3295 Pine Ridge Road, Naples, FL.